> Identity for coconut oil importer in CZ

Visual identity and packaging for a Czech importer of coconut oil. They import their oil from Sri Lanka, a country which the owners love. The country is inspiring to them, and also to us. The logo is inspired on the letter A of the Sri-Lankan alphabet. A beautiful organic script. The letter has a leaf/seed like feel. The letter has been adjusted so that it more geometric and also has features of a didone font. To give it a more luxurious feel.

A brochure has also been created that further explains the benefits of using coconut oil and the extraction process. We have also created a website that feels light and healthy with subtle references to Sri Lanka through the use of patterns.

Furthermore, the visual communication is based on the travel and vacation photos of the owners. Photos are transformed into drawings to radiate an authentic and pure feeling. This is all recorded in a brand book so that the client always has a good overview of how the identity works.

Client: Arboratory CZ


  • Concept
  • Print design
  • Website
  • Strategy
  • Art direction
  • Packaging

A identity inspired on the roots of the product.

>Paying homage to where the imported oil comes from. Inspired by the beautiful Sinhala alphabet.